There’s that feeling of calm as you close the door on Friday, that feeling of closing the week and starting what’s next. Peace of mind is knowing your business is safe, secure and being watched 24/7. That’s exactly the feeling our customers experience every day, every week.

  • Access Control Systems

    Access Control Systems

    There are many sensitive areas that a business must monitor and secure – retail floors, service areas, offices, stockrooms, loading docks and more. How do you stay on top of it all and makes sure that someone doesn’t go where they are not supposed to be? Let us design a Physical Access Control System to…

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  • Security Video is No Longer Just a Forensic Tool

    Security Video is No Longer Just a Forensic Tool

    For years, the security industry has used video as a forensic tool, identifying what happened and if you were lucky, by whom, AFTER a break in, theft or tampering incident. But now, with our state-of-the-art video cameras, monitoring software and alarm systems, we can intervene and PREVENT incidents, BEFORE they happen! Rather than coming in…

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  • Video Analytics Can Watch Your Business When You Can’t

    Video Analytics Can Watch Your Business When You Can’t

    Video systems with self learning video and Video Analytics are the most intelligent and comprehensive security solutions available. They learn as they monitor your assets and property, over time, becoming aware of your procedures and routines and more adept at identifying suspicious activity. Our Video Analytics systems employ the HD Dome and HD Bullet cameras…

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  • State-of-the-Art Interactive Remote Video Monitoring

    State-of-the-Art Interactive Remote Video Monitoring

    Our state of the art interactive remote video monitoring systems provide the highest resolution footage available, months of storage, talk down audio and more, to effectively monitor and protect your property, employees and assets. Featuring Avigilon’s new line of HD Dome and HD Bullet Cameras with Self Learning Video Analytics, these cameras offer cutting edge…

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  • What You Need to Know About Data Theft

    What You Need to Know About Data Theft

    As anyone who has been the victim of one of the recent data breaches that have hit major retailers like Target and Michaels know, data theft is a big deal. Sony Pictures found that out the hard way as did their video game division when they were hacked too. While most companies are concerned with…

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  • Reducing Employee Theft

    Reducing Employee Theft

    According to a recent report, a whopping 43% of lost revenue is due to employee theft. That’s around $18 billion in loss every year. The retail industry is the hardest hit by employee theft but all industries suffer from some degree of it, whether it’s as petty as office supplies or as serious as embezzlement.…

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  • How to Hire a Great Locksmith

    How to Hire a Great Locksmith

    Many of us may need the services of a good locksmith at some point, whether it’s because of misplaced keys, new construction in need of security locks and doors, or a simple upgrade. Unfortunately locksmith scams are far too common and since we often hire a locksmith for an emergency situation, they are easy to…

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  • Benefits of Access Control

    Benefits of Access Control

    Have you implemented access control at your company? If not, you should. Access control has many benefits over just a simple surveillance system. It gives you more control over access to specific areas. You can even restrict access on specific days and specific times. This adds another layer of security as it significantly reduces foot…

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  • Is Your Monitoring Solution Collecting the Right Data?

    Is Your Monitoring Solution Collecting the Right Data?

    One of the great aspects of a monitoring solution with access control is its ability to collect and log all kinds of data. This makes it easy to integrate with time clocks and other employee tracking methods, but it’s important to know exactly what data you’re logging, what data you NEED to log, and be…

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