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Remotely manage, monitor, and restrict access to your facility and specific areas of your property with access control systems. Your access control systems can be integrated with your video surveillance system, providing a detailed audit trail so you can pinpoint the cause of incidents. You can also integrate with your HR identity management systems to improve efficiencies.


Who was there? When did they arrive? How did they get in? Let us provide you with an access control system that has the answers. Our access control systems are compatible with most existing products and offer the flexibility to expand as your security needs evolve. When your access control, video, and security systems are integrated, you not only get more detailed, complete answers, but you also tighten overall security and increase safety.


From a single card reader at your front door to a large, complex system across multiple locations, Alen Security has the experience and technical knowledge to design, install, program, and service a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution.

We only use technology that our engineers have evaluated and tested to ensure each product will work for you. Your system will be installed by our certified technicians, not subcontractors. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, with preventative maintenance that keeps you ahead of the game. And if service is needed, you can count on us to respond quickly and take action on your access control systems.



Out of convenience, many companies grant virtually unlimited access to all employees, which creates enormous risk. Instead of taking an all-or-nothing approach, we help you program your access control systems in a way that minimizes risk without affecting productivity.

Why should HR have access to the server room? Conversely, why should the IT manager have access to sensitive personnel files? We can configure your system so each individual can only access the areas required to do their job at certain times of day. This can significantly reduce risky behavior, whether accidental or malicious.



  • Role-based: Only allow individuals or user groups with certain responsibilities to access certain areas.
  • Location-based: A facility, an area within the facility, parking garages on the property, storage units, etc.
  • Time-based: Specific hours of the day and/or days of the week.
  • Elevators: Elevators can be controlled by floor and access to parking facilities.
  • Anti-Pass Back: Prevents the sharing of ID cards so individuals without ID cards cannot access buildings, parking, rooms, etc.
  • Identity Management Integration: When access control is integrated with platforms such as Active Directory and Okta, user data entered into your HR system is automatically added to access control, which eliminates redundancy and reduces the risk of error. You just have to issue the user a card and program the user’s level of access.


  • Touchless Technology: We offer systems that open a door so you don’t have to touch anything. This capability is extremely valuable for areas with tight environmental controls, such as pharma labs, clean rooms, and operating rooms. It can also provide peace of mind for employees and products that are sensitive to the spread of germs and viruses.
  • ID Badging: ID badges can be customized to include logos, graphics, backgrounds, photos, and specific information about the individual. This will help employees determine who a person is and whether they authorized to be in a building, on the property, or in a specific area.
  • Photo Recall on Card Use: When someone enters a building or area, this feature automatically brings up a photo of the person to verify their identity.
  • ID Deletion: Instead of manually disabling an ID card or rekeying or changing locks when someone leaves the company, the card is automatically deleted and the person’s profile is deleted from the system.


With modern, cloud-based access control systems, you don’t have to be physically present to monitor or reprogram the system. You can remotely access and update the entire solution from virtually any desktop or mobile device, even across multiple facilities.

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You don’t have to send someone to the office on a snow day to lock a door that automatically unlocks at the beginning of a normal business day. You don’t have to visit the loading dock of the distribution center to find out why a door has been opened for an excessive period of time. Remote management capabilities make it possible to quickly update your access controls to reduce risk, improve safety, and prevent business disruption.


Manage access controls via web, LAN/WAN, fiber, or leased lines. Cloud-based access control systems that use TCP/IP communication do not require onsite servers. Software is hosted and automatically updated offsite.


You have the ability to remotely lock and unlock doors due to special circumstances and conditions, such as severe weather, fire, power outage, or criminal activity in the area.


Your access control manager interface allows you to bring up a map of your reader locations throughout your facilities. You can monitor various points of protection, review activity from certain areas and access control readers, and update settings as needed.


Because we offer solutions that are compatible with different systems, you can upgrade your access control system without completely ripping and replacing what you have. At the same time, you gain the flexibility to update technology and add services when you’re ready.



  • When access control, IP video surveillance, and security systems are integrated, you’ll have a multi-layered solution for event detection, alerts, and documentation of forensics data. For example, if a door is left open or an alarm is activated, you can capture video of that area. When your door is locked, the security system is automatically armed.
  • Other integrations include but are not limited to:
  • Time and Attendance
    Integrate your access cards with your time clock system to enable tracking and verification of time and attendance records.
  • Biometrics (fingerprint, iris recognition, hand geometry)
    Integration with biometrics software enables you to efficiently manage all types of user authentication.


  • Card Compatibility
    Cards can be iClass, HID Proximity, Indala Proximity, Corporate 1000, Wiegand (26 bit, 32 bit, 36 bit, 38 bit), biometrics, photo ID, and magnetic strip for multiple functionality. We can work with almost any card technology on the market.
  • Dual Technology Cards and Readers
    With 13.56MHz and 125KHz in a single product, you can carry one card to get into multiple facilities with different technology and seamlessly migrate to more secure technology when you’re ready.
  • Bluetooth Technology
    Add credentials to your smartphone so that device becomes your credential instead of an ID card or fob. Bluetooth also enables you to instantly email a mobile credential to staff or visitors wherever they are.

Distributed offices across a couple regions? Need to unlock doors remotely
We’ve got you covered, see question #2 & 4 below


I’m considering modernizing my video surveillance, access control, and security systems. Can they be integrated?

Yes, you can integrate various systems in your security solution, which adds value in a number of ways. For example, if a door alarm is activated and a camera is pointed at that door, you can program the system to automatically record for a defined period of time and then email footage to you. If you’re using the video surveillance app, integration allows you to lock or unlock a door without switching to a different platform.

Can I use the same access card in any location across the country?

Nobody wants to carry five different access cards for five different facilities. Modern technology allows you to use the same card for multiple facilities and program the level of access. When access control is integrated with your identity management, user profiles entered into the HR system are automatically added to the access control system. You just have to assign the user a card and program access levels. Mobile Bluetooth technology even enables you to instantly email a mobile credential to staff or visitors anywhere in the country.

What types of configurations are available on access cards to differentiate between various user groups?

Granting “anytime, anywhere” access to all users will save time and essentially eliminate the need to update settings. However, this approach also increases risk by unnecessarily exposing strategic assets and areas of your facility.

We recommend programming access cards to ensure employees can only access the areas and resources required to perform their jobs. Access cards can be programmed based on factors such as user role, location, time of day, and day of week. Access to certain floors, parking garages, and elevators can be restricted, while anti-pass back functionality prevents the sharing of ID cards.

How is it possible to remotely lock and unlock a door?

A cloud-based access control system allows you to remotely lock and unlock a door through a desktop or mobile app. Integration with IP video surveillance and access control systems allows you to lock and unlock doors through those apps as well.

My current security company only sells equipment and services from one manufacturer. We’re not comfortable with the brand and capabilities. Do you offer more options?

Alen Security offers a variety of solutions from respected brands such as Avigilon, Eagle Eye, Honeywell, Brivo, and Bosch that have been tested and evaluated in-house by our team of security experts. We then recommend products and services based on your specific need, challenges, and objectives.

Keep in mind that grants typically require equipment that is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant. We only use technology that meets these high standards of quality and reliability.

We can’t afford to abandon our existing security investments and start over from scratch. Can you still help?

The solutions we use are compatible with many other systems. In this case, we can often take a phased approach to upgrading your security solution. However, if your security solution uses outdated, inferior, or unsupported technology, the only viable approach is to replace the entire system.

From a single card reader at your front door to a large, complex system across multiple locations, Alen Security has the experience and technical knowledge to design, install, program, and service a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution.

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