Security Case Study: IP Video Protects Your Property and Equipment

IP Video Equipment

Challenge: Construction Company wanted security and remote monitoring of expensive equipment around the clock

Solution: Installation of Avigilon IP Video Bullet HD cameras with Video Analytics and Remote Video Monitoring Solution

We were recently contacted by a large construction firm who does bridge repairs along a major US highway. They have tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of trucks, tools and equipment on their property as well as Conex storage containers and fuel tanks. They know that theft of, or tampering with, any of this equipment would seriously impair their ability to keep their teams working, costing them time and money.

Knowing that any delay would cost them thousands of dollars per hour, they didn’t take any chances. So, they called Alen Security to install eight (8) state of the art Avigilon 3 Megapixel (MP) H3A IP Video Bullet HD cameras with integrated IR and self-learning video analytics along with talk-down speakers.

The video analytics built into to the IP Video security cameras use Avigilon’s “Teach by Example” technology, learning on their own by observation and also from the operators who actively use it. They automatically adjust to changing scene conditions, helping reduce false alarms, and provide superior protection for both assets and personnel.

Along with the IP Video cameras, we also employed an 8 channel, 4TB Video Appliance running the feature-rich ACC5 video management software. This allows them to store the video data and quickly review and search for the video they want.

The event-based remote video monitoring center is staffed by security professionals and schedules thrice-daily guard tours. They also respond to video “alarm triggers” and can talk-down to would-be intruders. Talk-down capability allows them to alert intruders that law enforcement has been notified and to leave the premises immediately. Hence, combining these features protects their facility around the clock.

Result: The IP Video security cameras and event-based remote video monitoring keep their property and equipment secure 24/7/365.

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