Security Case Study: Video Analytics can Protect Your Property

The Challenge: Vandalism and Property Loss

The Solution: Avigilon Cameras with Video Analytics Appliance

We recently worked with a world renowned non-profit organization based in Southern New Jersey. This group had their air conditioning (AC) units tampered with and stripped of their copper tubing. The group replaced the units, in full, only to actually have the new units stolen! Shortly after having the units stolen, they called us looking for a solution that could have prevented the theft and vandalism in the first place.

In response, we consulted with them about their business and any other issues they were experiencing. We do this in order to provide a comprehensive security solution. Our proposal then included installing a Video Surveillance System using Avigilon Cameras and other equipment with video analytics to monitor their property and the new AC equipment.

Alen Security installed four (4) new Exterior Bullet cameras with integrated IR, to add to their existing camera base, along with an Avigilon Rialto Analytic Appliance and talk-down speakers. The video analytics allow them to set up “triggers” or “alarms” so they can be alerted when a person or vehicle is in an area they are not supposed to be in. So, if an incident like this were to happen in the future, they will be able to be pro-active and someone can “talk-down” to the alleged perpetrators asking them to leave and alerting them that law enforcement has been notified.

The Result: Adding the Rialto Analytic Appliance to their existing analog camera network along with the new cameras we installed provided this organization with a cost-effective way to easily add video analytics to their existing analog video surveillance system. The best part is that they have not had any further incidents of theft or vandalism since the new system was implemented.

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