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Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees, customers, and visitors. Our certified commercial fire alarm systems technicians design, install, test, and service fire alarm systems that reduce risk to your people and your organization as a whole.


Commercial fire alarm systems installation and servicing are more code-driven than any service we provide. Did you pass your annual National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) inspection? Do you know how to interpret your NFPA report? Have your fire alarm devices and notification systems been tested? Are you meeting the minimum fire protection requirements of your insurance company? Use our knowledge of complex fire codes to improve safety and reduce the risk of code violations.


Want to avoid code violations and the cost and headaches that come with them? Trust our certified commercial fire alarm system installers and fire door inspectors, as well as our knowledge of fire and building codes, to satisfy the latest requirements and keep people safe.

We only use technology that our engineers have evaluated and tested to ensure each product will work for you. Your system will be installed by our certified technicians, not subcontractors. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, with preventative maintenance that keeps you ahead of the game. And if service is needed, you can count on us to respond quickly and take action.



The updated New Jersey Fire Code states that carbon monoxide (CO) detectors must be placed in the vicinity of all CO sources. Contact Alen Security to bring your commercial fire alarm systems up to code and integrate CO detectors with your fire alarm solution.



Intrusion protection systems make it possible to not only keep out unauthorized personnel, but also to track authorized personnel who enter and leave. You can then generate opening and closing reports to create an audit trail of business hours.

Keep employees, families, customers, and visitors safe by preventing unauthorized access to:

  • Your office space, warehouse, medical facility, research lab, or school.
  • Specific areas within your facility that should be restricted to certain people.
  • Parking lots, common spaces, and other outdoor areas.


From office spaces to places of worship to school campuses, we’ve all seen tragedies unfold on the news. Alen Security can set up wired panic buttons in strategic locations across your property, as well as wireless panic buttons that someone who might be at risk can carry throughout the day.


When intrusion prevention is integrated with your IP video surveillance and access control systems, your overall security posture is improved. For example, did someone set off a door alarm or motion sensor? Automatically lock doors in the area, capture video of the point of entry, and monitor their movement. Of course, visible security cameras are often enough to deter people from attempting to access your building or campus in the first place.


With an intelligent addressable system, each device has a unique address. If an alarm is activated, you’ll know its precise location rather than searching a larger zone or area. This allows you to quickly pinpoint the source of a problem and take action.



  • Monitored systems detect fluctuations in specific types of environmental conditions to keep people safe and prevent costly downtime and damage to your equipment, assets, and products. By alerting you to signs of potential instability, monitored systems give you a chance to proactively service your equipment and prevent serious problems from happening.


Monitored systems can detect conditions such as:

  • Room temperature and humidity
  • Refrigerator and freezer temperatures
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide levels
  • Water and moisture (to warn of a pipe burst, leak, high water level in a pump, etc.)
  • Power levels (to warn of an outage, insufficient power from a backup battery or generator, etc.)


Alen Security installs and services UL- and NFPA-compliant fire alarm systems that support a wide range of sensors, notification devices, and control panels. As your organization grows, we can expand your system in terms of size and functionality.



  • Who is coming and going? What happens if an unauthorized individual enters your building? Who is watching your intrusion protection and monitored systems when you’re not? How many devices can your security system support? We explain all relevant features and options so you feel confident that your system is doing what you need it to do and then some.


  • Audit Reporting: Granular reporting capabilities tell you who armed or disarmed your security system and at what time.
  • False Alarm Reduction: To reduce false alarms, the exit/entry time-delay feature allows you to program a certain amount of time for an individual to arm a system after exiting or disarm a system after entering.
  • 24-Hour Monitoring: We can monitor systems of any size through our local, UL-certified central monitoring center.
  • Point Identification: Identify, manage, and monitor more than 200 points of detection (devices) in your security network.
  • Networked Controls with Remote Reporting: Via LAN/WAN, fiber, or wireless connection.

Need a Commercial Fire Alarm System and have questions about the Fire Code?
We’ve got you covered, see questions #3 & 4 below


How are my alarm systems monitored?

Security alarm systems and fire alarm systems can be monitored 24/7 by a trusted, third-party monitoring partner from a central monitoring station, which is UL-listed and local to Alen Security. We currently partner with two firms that are HIPAA-compliant and SOC 2 Type II-certified.

My current security company only sells equipment and services from one manufacturer. We’re not comfortable with the brand and capabilities. Do you offer more options?

Alen Security offers a variety of solutions from respected brands such as Avigilon, Eagle Eye, Honeywell, Brivo, and Bosch that have been tested and evaluated in-house by our team of security experts. We then recommend products and services based on your specific need, challenges, and objectives.

Keep in mind that grants typically require equipment that is National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant. We only use technology that meets these high standards of quality and reliability.

We can’t afford to abandon our existing security investments and start over from scratch. Can you still help?

The solutions we use are compatible with many other systems. In this case, we can often take a phased approach to upgrading your security solution. However, if your security solution uses outdated, inferior, or unsupported technology, the only viable approach is to replace the entire system.

Building and fire inspectors tell us every year that our systems aren’t up to code and we don’t understand why. How can you help us get up to code?

We have broad knowledge and experience with fire codes, but that isn’t always enough. After all, fire codes can be interpreted differently. Alen Security can proactively contact code inspectors to find out why a company failed inspection and ensure any issues are addressed. Because we understand the language of various fire officials, we can make sure fire codes are not left to interpretation.

Do fire system horn/strobes have to be red and be mounted on the wall?

No, they come in white as well as ceiling mount options.

Want to avoid code violations and the cost and headaches that come with them? Trust our certified fire alarm system installers and fire door inspectors, as well as our knowledge of fire and building codes, to satisfy the latest requirements and keep people safe.

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