Security Case Study: Access Control for Vehicle Dealership with Corporate, Sales, Service and Retail Departments

The Challenge: A local vehicle dealership and supply company needed access control to secure their brand-new multi-department facility.

The Solution: Access Card Readers with Multi-Level Access Control protocols and a Video Intercom System.

A large vehicle dealership and supply company wanted to secure their multi-department facility. The need was to restrict the flow of traffic throughout their building.

Their building housed their corporate offices as well as sales, service and some retail space.  With all of this traffic and activity they needed to control “who went where”. This was a key to restricting the flow of traffic throughout their facility. Our solution was a Physical Access Control System.

We used a multi-pronged Access Control approach including access card readers, keypads, electric locks and a video intercom system. First, they needed to solve for the fact that they receive parts deliveries in the middle of the night. This necessitated a system to avoid having to staff 24/7.  To accomplish this, we installed access card readers with keypads and issued them codes. We further integrated their Access Control System with their security system to allow for after-hours deliveries.

Thirdly, we secured their inventory of trucks with electric gates and a video intercom, access cards and a keypad.

Finally, they did not want their retail clients walking into their corporate offices upstairs. So, we installed access card readers to prevent walk-in customers from gaining access to their corporate offices.

The Result: Consequently, they have a more secure facility with access to specific areas restricted to authorized personnel.

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