Remote Video Monitoring Never Sleeps on the Job

The Challenge: On-site Guards Were Failing to Secure a Commercial Rental Property

The Solution: Remote Video Monitoring protects 24/7/365

A commercial rental property owner became increasingly frustrated to learn their security guards were sleeping on the job. This was unacceptable and could lead to the possibility of a security breech. Consequently, something had to be done.  In response, Alen Security was hired to install an IP video surveillance system. The system he chose would provide remote video monitoring and protect his entire facility of high-tech computer components. We installed twenty (20) Avigilon 2-Megapixel (MP) Indoor Dome cameras with integrated IR and self-learning video analytics. These analytic cameras ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ the daily sequence of activities while alerting the owner of any trespassing. This is accomplished with alarms that trigger notifications to their smartphones and tablets and the central station video monitoring center. Viewing and recording is done in 1080p video while the Integrated IR allows the cameras to function in total darkness.

The event-based remote video monitoring center, staffed by security professionals, schedules virtual guard tours and responds immediately to any alarms, notifying both law enforcement and the property owner, so there is always someone watching over their equipment, personnel and data.

The Result: The best news of all was that this new multi-faceted security system, including the video monitoring, cost almost one third of the amount they were paying per year for a single guard over three shifts, a savings of $75,000 per year per guard!

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