Security Video Surveillance Case Study: Updating Outdated Security Systems

The Challenge: Multiple, low resolution, outdated analog video surveillance systems, in multiple locations

The Solution: Integrate new IP components with their existing analog system for updated security and functionality

This client, a large Pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Northern NJ had totally outgrown their old security system. They had multiple systems from multiple vendors. They were recording on multiple DVRs. All of this this was providing them with low resolution data, which was being monitored from multiple locations! This was NOT effective cost wise, nor from a security standpoint.

We devised a solution which allowed them to integrate new IP components with their existing analog system. This meant that they did not have to pull out everything and install an entirely new video surveillance system. This resulted in some state-of-the-art functionality, allowing them to transition as their budget allows, to an entirely up-graded system.

The solution was an IP Video Surveillance System with Analog Encoders and a new 21 TB Network Video Recorder (NVR). The encoders convert their analog data and the new NVR consolidates their data into a single, more streamlined system.  This also allows them to monitor the system remotely. Avigilon software was also installed to enable remote access. This way they no longer need to be in a specific location or in front of a specific monitor to access their information

In addition, exterior cameras were strategically placed to monitor walking paths. These cameras provided additional public safety. We also installed new IP cameras in their Clean Rooms. These new cameras allowed the staff to monitor the workflow process in these rooms without disturbing them, which helps maintain safety as well as helping to ensure regulatory compliance.

The Result: This single video surveillance system provides them easy access to, and quick searches of, their data. Also, new Ultra HD 8K 30MP HD Pro Cameras link to 4K Monitors which allow prospective clients to see into and view demonstrations in the Clean Rooms without interrupting the process, giving them an added benefit they never had before.

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