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Founded as a locksmith company more than 50 years ago, Alen Security continues to expand and enhance our locksmith services, offering professional system design, installation, service, repairs, and replacement by certified technicians.


A locksmith does so much more than save the day when you’re locked out. In fact, we take a proactive approach to prevent these kinds of problems from happening in the first place. We offer a complete door security solution – the door closure, locks, keys, panic bar, hinge, saddle, weather stripping, kick plates, cylinders, and more. Installation, service, repairs, and rekeying are all handled by our in-house team and adhere to the latest building and fire codes and ADA standards.


With a history that dates back to 1970, we offer locksmith experience and technical knowledge that few in the industry can match, and we continue to offer innovative services that address today’s security challenges.

We only use technology that our engineers have evaluated and tested to ensure each product will work for you. Your system will be installed by our certified technicians, not subcontractors. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, with preventative maintenance that keeps you ahead of the game. And if service is needed, you can count on us to respond quickly and take action.



One of the biggest challenges our clients face is keeping up with the changes to building and fire codes and American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. We have the experience to install systems that will pass inspections or update deficient systems to bring them up to code.



We’ve had clients approach us after receiving multiple building or fire code violations. We visit their facility, identify the source of the violations, explain what needs to be done to get the system up to code, and modify, repair, or replace the system.

Of course, we prefer to take a proactive approach. Visit a facility before the inspection, assess the current state of the locking system, identify potential violations, and make the necessary changes ahead of time. Being proactive enables you to maintain a clean record, avoid costly fines, and keep your employees and customers safe.


If you have a fire alarm, you need an annual fire alarm inspection. More and more municipalities are also requiring fire door inspections to ensure they do what they’re supposed to do if there is a fire. Our certified fire door inspectors can make sure your doors are up to code and, if not, tell you exactly what needs to be done to make them compliant.


ADA compliance is about more than setting up your doors and locks in a way that works for a person in a wheelchair. What if someone is visually impaired or hearing impaired? Designing an ADA-compliant system, installing the right equipment, and proactively maintaining the system are essential to keeping employees safe and avoiding penalties for failing to meet minimum standards.


Clients ranging from single-office companies to global brands – especially logistics and distribution centers, corporate offices, pharma and biotech companies, and educational institutions – trust Alen Security to install and service their locking systems.



  • As a full-service, mobile locksmith company, Alen Security offers a wide range of locksmith services. We install, maintain, repair, and replace locks, key systems, hardware, and related products from the most respected brands in the business.
  • Interchangeable core systems by Schlage, Corbin Russwin, and Best Style
  • Commercial-grade locks by Von Duprin, Schlage, Corbin Russwin, Arrow, Sargent, Yale, and Medeco
  • Electronic locks by Locknetics, Securitron, Folger Adam, Adams Rite, HES, and Von Duprin
  • Continuous gear door hinges by Roton
  • Touchless automatic doors and antimicrobial hardware to prevent spread of viruses and germs
  • High-security locks and restricted key systems that prevent key duplication
  • Master key systems that allow you to enter any facility with the same key
  • Nationwide keying systems
  • Computerized master key systems
  • Lock rekeying
  • Panic bars
  • Door closers
  • Aluminum glass door and frame repair
  • Installation and service of commercial doors and frames
  • Installation and service of safes


Opening stores in different parts of the country? Want to ensure consistency with your locking systems infrastructure? Several global retail brands trust Alen Security to design, install, and maintain reliable locking and keying systems for every store in the U.S.

    The retailer’s architect may provide a blueprint and look for guidance in determining where locks are needed, what types of locks should be installed, and how to properly integrate the locking system with other security equipment and services. Our decades of experience and knowledge enable us to advise retailers about what strategy will work best for their specific application.
    After the consultation and design process, we send locks, cylinders, and cores to the new stores while they’re under construction. The retailer will have a master key than can control all stores across the country. Unlike most integrators that do not install electric locks for their access control systems, we take care of our own installations and integrations without subcontractors.
    Nationwide master key systems eliminate the need to carry separate keys for each retail store. We provide and install restricted keys and high-security keys that prevent duplication by employees, as well as cylinders and interchangeable cores that the client can change themselves.

Carrying separate keys for separate offices gets heavy?
We’ve got you covered, see question #2 below


What types of panic devices do you install and service?

Traditionally, panic devices with vertical rods that lock at the top and bottom of the door have been visible, while the horizontal panic bar is pushed to activate the mechanism. While effective, this style is somewhat unsightly.

Alen Security can also install and service panic devices with the vertical rod mechanism concealed within the body of the door, creating a simpler, more streamlined appearance without sacrificing functionality. We can also use rim and mortise panic devices. Both have strike plates mounted on the door frame but have different types of locking mechanisms. We’ll recommend the right panic solution based on your needs.

I have different keys for every building and need to lighten my keychain load. Is it possible to have one key that works everywhere?

Yes. We can install and service a master key system, which is essentially a hierarchy of locks and the keys that operate them. A key at the “bottom” of that hierarchy may only open one lock, while a key at the “top” will operate most or all locks. For an individual who needs universal access, this can reduce the number of keys he or she carries down to one.

My heavily used door is sagging and not closing properly. Do I need to replace my door and frame?

No, you do not. We can easily install a full surface geared hinge to distribute the weight over the entire frame, thus extending the life of the door and frame.

I’m concerned about someone prying my door open, what are my options?

We can install full length high security interlocking astragals. They come in multiple finishes to match your building architecture and are available for single and double doors.

With a history that dates back to 1970, we offer locksmith experience and technical knowledge that few in the industry can match, and we continue to offer innovative services that address today’s security challenges.

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