We understand that the value of your business goes far beyond the numbers on a financial document. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive security solution based on your specific needs so you have total confidence that your people, facilities, and assets are protected.



A modern IP video surveillance system is more than an extra set of eyes. It’s a deterrent, an investigative tool, and a valuable source of data that can be analyzed to increase accountability, productivity, and safety.


A properly designed access control system restricts access to your facility and specific areas inside while providing an audit trail of activity. Our systems can be remotely monitored, managed, and updated to reduce risk.


Intrusion protection systems and various types of monitoring systems alert you to deviations from normal activity and patterns. This allows you to respond quickly and prevent more serious incidents from happening.


In addition to modern locking systems, we install and service master key systems, door closers, panic bars, full length hinges, and more to protect your business, prevent disruption, and extend the life of your doors.


As a certified installer with decades of experience, Alen Security designs, installs, and services fire alarm systems that adhere to increasingly complex fire codes and reduce the risk of harm to your people and property.


We understand and appreciate the value of your business and what you hold dear. That’s why our mission is to continue delivering innovative, full spectrum security solutions that protect your assets so can enjoy total peace of mind while you focus on growing your business.

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  • Bacteria Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Antimicrobial Door Hardware

    Bacteria Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Antimicrobial Door Hardware

    You already know Alen for security and fire alarm solutions, among other core services, but did you know we also have expertise in Health-Based Safety and Security solutions? We are committed to helping companies feel safe and healthy, especially now with everyone being more health conscious, and more focused on cleaner offices.

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  • IP Video Surveillance System Helps Secure a Local NJ Food Bank

    IP Video Surveillance System Helps Secure a Local NJ Food Bank

    The Challenge:  Local Food Bank Offices and Warehouse Robbed Twice The Solution: IP Video Surveillance System to protect both inside and outBelieve it or not, an important community benefactor, which has been helping its New Jersey community and surrounding areas for over 30 years with emergency food assistance, had been robbed several times. Each time the culprits … Continued

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  • Thermal Camera Systems

    Thermal Camera Systems

    As we all plan to return to work, we are helping many employers prepare their office environments to ensure their employees will feel safe and protected from inadvertently contracting coronavirus. Like the Food Distribution Company in Hamilton who wanted to put a process in place to perform a temperature check on incoming drivers. We recommended, and they installed, one of our Thermal Camera Systems to their continued satisfaction.

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