Case Study: Access Control for Your Office Complex

The Challenge:  Replace an Aging Access Control System and Connect Four Office Buildings The Solution: Linear Emerge Access Control and Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges A commercial property manager needed to replace an aging access control system and various electronic locks that were not operational. The system worked some days and not others leaving tenants feeling unsafe. They also experienced intermittent … Continued

Remote Video Monitoring Never Sleeps on the Job

The Challenge: On-site Guards Were Failing to Secure a Commercial Rental Property The Solution: Remote Video Monitoring protects 24/7/365 A commercial rental property owner became increasingly frustrated to learn their security guards were sleeping on the job. This was unacceptable and could lead to the possibility of a security breech. Consequently, something had to be done. … Continued

Remote Video Monitoring of All Your Security Cameras’ Across All Platforms Made Easy

The Challenge: Video Monitoring for all of your Video surveillance feeds without being tethered to a single desk or location. The Solution: Avigilon Control Center (ACC6) Video Management Software with Remote Access capabilities. Imagine a scenario with the same high-quality Video surveillance coverage you want and seeing it from wherever you are. ACC6 does that for you. So, … Continued

Video Analytics and Access Control Restricts Access to YOUR Company’s Data and Servers

Challenge: Protecting valuable and sensitive data The Solution: Video Analytics and Access Control to monitor and restrict access combined with remote video monitoring 24/7/365 A prominent financial institution contacted us to protect a floor full of equipment and infrastructure vital to the organizations functioning. This included their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, servers, network connections, transfer switches … Continued

Security Case Study: Access Control for Vehicle Dealership with Corporate, Sales, Service and Retail Departments

The Challenge: A local vehicle dealership and supply company needed access control to secure their brand-new multi-department facility. The Solution: Access Card Readers with Multi-Level Access Control protocols and a Video Intercom System. A large vehicle dealership and supply company wanted to secure their multi-department facility. The need was to restrict the flow of traffic … Continued

Security Case Study: Video Analytics can Protect Your Property

The Challenge: Vandalism and Property Loss The Solution: Avigilon Cameras with Video Analytics Appliance We recently worked with a world renowned non-profit organization based in Southern New Jersey. This group had their air conditioning (AC) units tampered with and stripped of their copper tubing. The group replaced the units, in full, only to actually have the new … Continued