Case Study: Access Control for Your Office Complex

The Challenge:  Replace an Aging Access Control System and Connect Four Office Buildings

The Solution: Linear Emerge Access Control and Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges

A commercial property manager needed to replace an aging access control system and various electronic locks that were not operational. The system worked some days and not others leaving tenants feeling unsafe. They also experienced intermittent outages with their ancient intercom system, if it was working at all.

Enter Alen Security. After receiving a call from this property manager, we visited the site for a walk-thru of the four office buildings. We performed a full evaluation of the existing access control system and its condition. We also consulted with the client about what they were looking to accomplish. The client wanted a property with a modernized system and access control readers for each buildings’ main entrance. They also wanted to replace any electronic locks that were not working properly. The customer was also looking to place the entry doors on a scheduled timer so that they would remain open during business hours. They then wanted the doors locked during the evening and weekend hours, requiring a valid access control card for entry.

Through our evaluation and consultation with the customer we devised a new system that would accomplish their goals. The system included the installation of Linear eMerge Access Control panels in each building. We also used Securitron Power Supplies and HID Thinline II Proximity Access Card Readers. Adams Rite 7410 Electric Strikes were used to replace existing malfunctioning electronic locks. Doors can now open and close on a pre-determined schedule with the installation of a timer relay in each panel. For the finishing touch, we added Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges to each building and networked the buildings to each other. Subsequently, the facilities manager can now control each of the buildings access control systems from one location. Thereby, eliminating the need to travel to an affected building while working off of a laptop plugged into the panel in cramped spaces.

The Result:  A happy customer with even happier tenants. This property now has a modernized Access Control system with doors that open and close when they are supposed to. They also have locks that are fully functional. The client can also maintain the system from one location, making for a more efficient operation and improved productivity!


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