Video Analytics Can Watch Your Business When You Can’t

Video systems with self learning video and Video Analytics are the most intelligent and comprehensive security solutions available. They learn as they

monitor your assets and property, over time, becoming aware of your procedures and routines and more adept at identifying suspicious activity.

Our Video Analytics systems employ the HD Dome and HD Bullet cameras which use Avigilon’s “Teach by Example” technology. They learn on their own by observation and also from the operators who actively use it. They automatically adjust to changing scene conditions, helping reduce false alarms, and provide superior protection for both assets and personnel including server farms, data centers, computer labs and networking centers.

These Video Analytics cameras can be programmed to send alerts when specific behaviors or scene changes occur such as:

  • Trip Wire – A person, object or vehicle crosses a virtual line in a particular scene.
  • Direction of Travel – A person, object or vehicle moves in a particular direction through the camera view.
  • Region of Interest – A person, object or vehicle enters or leaves a virtual area in the camera’s view.
  • Loitering – A person, object or vehicle remains in the camera’s view for longer than a pre-determined period of time.

Video Analytics can be programmed to only respond to certain conditions or at certain times or days. For example, persons entering a server room after hours or cars entering a restricted parking lot on the weekends. Other applications may include:

  • Perimeters of corporate facilities: People approaching after hours, vehicles parked where they shouldn’t be, deliveries at unmanned loading areas.
  • Unmanned structures such as cell towers, utility substations and data centers: Unauthorized persons or vehicles approaching, fences being climbed, tampering.
  • Construction sites, laboratories, storage rooms, vaults: People present in restricted areas or when the building or site is closed, vehicles leaving or entering restricted areas or after hours.
  • Building rooftops: Vandalism or theft of rooftop equipment, attempted entry.
  • Unoccupied/un-rented buildings: Theft of copper, vandalism, vagrancy.
  • Computer labs, cubicles, server farms: Theft of equipment, data theft, unauthorized usage, individuals abusing internet privileges or using unauthorized peripherals.
  • Transportation/logistics: People tampering with sealed trailers, unauthorized loading or unloading, vehicles in unauthorized areas, employee theft/shoplifting.
  • Medical/research facilities: People present outside of regular operating hours, people present in restricted areas, unauthorized access of patient records or drug cabinets, vehicles entering or leaving after hours, theft, and inventory control.

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