Security Video is No Longer Just a Forensic Tool

For years, the security industry has used video as a forensic tool, identifying what happened and if you were lucky, by whom, AFTER a break in, theft or tampering incident. But now, with our state-of-the-art video cameras, monitoring software and alarm systems, we can intervene and PREVENT incidents, BEFORE they happen!

Rather than coming in to find that your property has been vandalized or equipment missing, security video software can detect when an unauthorized person has entered your premises, alert the police and the people monitoring your site from a central location can talk to the perpetrator, announcing that the police are on their way, stopping the crime in progress.

Our IP Video Cameras with Video Analytics learn on their own by observation and also from the operators who actively use it. They automatically adjust to changing scene conditions, helping reduce false alarms, and provide superior protection for both assets and personnel.

These cameras can be programmed to send alerts when specific behaviors or scene changes occur such as Trip Wire, Direction of Travel, Region of Interest and Loitering. Not only that, but the cameras can be programmed to only respond to certain conditions or at certain times or days. For example, persons entering a server room after hours or cars entering a restricted parking lot on the weekends.

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