5 Reasons You Need Access Control for Your Warehouse

Access Control is a vital component to your warehouse’s security. There are plenty of benefits to installing a system in your building to ensure that you’re taking proactive measures to ensure that your inventory is protected and that your warehouse security measures are optimal.

At Alen Security, we’re happy to share the five reasons you need access control for your warehouse!

Managed Security & Asset Protection

Since you’re storing valuable goods in your warehouse, making sure that they’re protected in enclosed areas of your warehouse is crucial. It reduces the risk of theft and vandalism by restricting access to those who are authorized. It can also limit any unwanted damage that can result in unnecessary costs, allowing you to protect your inventory.

Ensuring Employee Safety

One of the reasons to limit access to certain areas of your warehouse can be due to health and safety. Whether you’re storing volatile chemicals, fragile items, or sensitive materials, limiting access to those who are authorized can reduce any unforeseen risks that could lead to harm to your team members. It can also help in an emergency situation, where an exit through an access-controlled door may be more accessible during an evacuation.

Remain Compliant

No matter the industry you’re in, most have strict regulations regarding the storage and handling of certain types of materials. Having access control systems and proper reporting in place can help you ensure that you’re being compliant with these regulations by limiting access to only authorized individuals.

Improve Your Operational Efficiency & Productivity

By having access control assigned to specific areas of your warehouse, and proper audit reporting in place you can help reduce any unwanted disruptions in your operations, thereby improving productivity while allowing authorized team members to work efficiently with little distraction. It can help maintain a smooth and steady workflow.

Manage Visitations

Whether you’re having a surprise inspection, or a visit from a client, access control can help any unwanted entry to sensitive areas. This can help you maintain and manage your security measures by only providing easy access to approved areas for any visitors to your facility.

Installing Access Security Systems in Your Warehouse

Since you’re aware of all the benefits to having access control systems in your warehouse or facility, you may want to think of how installing these systems can enhance your security, efficiency, and the protection of valuable assets.

If you feel that your facility or warehouse can benefit from having access security systems installed, you can look to us at Alen Security for assistance. Not only will we conduct an audit to determine the best placements, we can also match these access control systems with other security measures like IP Video Surveillance, which works in tandem and provides you with more details of activities within your warehouse.

We’ll install the systems and provide training to your team members to show how the system works, how new approved members can be added, and we’ll even provide any necessary updates to your systems to ensure that they’re functioning properly and efficiently.

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