The 5 Benefits of Having IP Video Surveillance in Your Facility

No matter what business your facility conducts, keeping an eye on things is paramount to ensuring that operations are running smoothly, and that no unlawful activity is being conducted. IP video surveillance offers a range of benefits that simply go beyond their monitoring abilities.

At Alen Security, we’re here to list the top five benefits of having IP Video Surveillance in your facility!

IP Video Surveillance: Monitor from Anywhere

Our IP Video Surveillance systems offer you the ability to remotely monitor your cameras wherever you are (with internet access, of course).  The video can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  We can also install always-on viewing stations in your office for viewing your cameras throughout the day or you can opt to just view on your desktop/laptop as you need to.

So, whether you’re working from home, taking the day off, or you’re on vacation, you can easily log in and monitor the goings-on of your facility without having to be on-site.

Easy to Integrate & Connect with Other Devices

Simplicity is important with operating your facility’s security systems. Luckily, IP Video Surveillance systems are easy to use and can integrate with your Access Control System allowing you to immediately see video clips from doors alarms or events without having to search through hours of video. You’re also able to view all of the video remotely, right on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Clear & Effective Footage

The footage that you get from today’s IP Video Surveillance cameras is much clearer with advanced search functionality compared to traditional security cameras and monitoring systems from the past. A clearer image and improved functionality mean more details that the footage can provide, whether it’s better views of an identifying feature, or something that would’ve otherwise been missed in a grainier feed.

Improved Productivity with IP Video Surveillance

IP Video Surveillance cameras can be a great motivating tool for your team. Knowing that they’re being monitored not only ensures a lower risk of employee theft, it can also keep them busy focusing on their tasks and get them done in an efficient manner. The video can allow you to perhaps see opportunities where you can improve your processes and efficiencies.

Extensive Storage Allowing for Better Record Keeping

One main difference that sets IP Video Surveillance systems apart from most security camera systems is the ability to store more footage. The cloud-based storage system means not having to recycle tapes and lose out on important footage that may not yet be relevant to an investigation. With cloud storage, you’re able to reference older footage easily. The footage can also be stored on local systems, but using cloud storage, you’re able to keep footage for longer.

Install IP Video Surveillance in Your Facility Today

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of having IP Video Surveillance systems in your facility, you’re ready to determine if it’s the right step for you and your monitoring and security efforts.

When you decide that it’s time to install IP Video in your facility, you can look to us at Alen Security for assistance. We can conduct a walkthrough of your facility to determine key points for camera placement to ensure that the area is completely covered. We’re also here long after installation, should the camera systems need any maintenance or updates.

Contact us today to get started on enhancing your security and monitoring efforts.

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