Access Control Systems Middlesex County

Access Control systemsAlen Security’s access control systems include all the necessary components for integrating everything from a simple single reader access system to highly customized, large enterprise systems with multi-tenant, high-rise, or campus applications that have hundreds of card readers and alarm monitoring devices. Our products are designed to permit the seamless integration of existing security and video systems with future technologies, providing an upwardly compatible solution that will always fit your needs and budget – no matter how small you start or how large you grow.

Access Control Systems Benefits

  • Access control system for entire facility or specified areas
  • Limit areas by date/time and individual cardholder
  • Control elevators by floor and access to parking facilities
  • Easy tracking of employee time and attendance
  • Supports multiple access technologies
  • Control parking facilities with anti-pass back
  • Web based does not require software, software updates or server


  • Remote Facility Control Via Web, LAN/WAN/ Fiber, or Leased Lines
  • Scalable
  • Video Badging
  • TCP/IP Communications
  • Photo Recall on Card Use
  • Video System Integration
  • Decrease Security Threats by Restricting Walk-In Traffic
  • Eliminates the expense of rekeying or changing locks when an employee is terminated
  • Allows for quick add or removal of employees from system
  • Eliminates the expense of rekeying or changing locks when an employee leaves
  • Quicky Add or Delete Employees from System
  • Easy Tracking of Employee Time and Attendance
  • Automatic Door Unlock During Fire Alarm Condition
  • Facility Mapping


  • Cards can be iClass, HID Proximity, Indala Proximity, Corporate 1000, Wiegand (26 bit, 32 bit, 36 bit, 38 bit), biometrics, photo ID and magnetic strip for multiple functionality
  • Dual Technology Cards. 13.56MHz and 125KHz in a single card as a way to migrate to a more secure technology.
  • Video badging integration
  • Biometrics integration (fingerprint, iris recognition, hand geometry) Time and attendance integration

Our access control systems are the most intelligent and comprehensive security solutions you can get for your company. They learn and grow as you go becoming better and better at spotting suspicious activity and protecting your assets, data and personnel. Contact us today and let us create a personalized solution for you.