Thermal Camera Systems

The Challenge:  People are concerned about inadvertently contracting COVID-19 as we all head back to work.

Here are a few important facts we know about the virus:

  • Elevated body temperature is an indicator of this and other illnesses
  • COVID-19 does have a lifespan on a variety of different surfaces
  • Hand and surface contact can be a means of transmission from person to person

As we all plan to return to work, we are helping many employers prepare their office environments to ensure their employees will feel safe and protected from inadvertently contracting coronavirus. Like the Food Distribution Company in Hamilton who wanted to put a process in place to perform a temperature check on incoming drivers. We recommended, and they installed, one of our Thermal Camera Systems to their continued satisfaction.

Using Thermal Camera Systems is just one component of our comprehensive approach to keeping your employees safe. Thermal Camera Systems give you instant confirmation if an employee or visitor has an elevated temperature before they enter the workplace. Our “contactless” thermal cameras process a body temperature scan for pass/fail with audible alert sounds in less than 3 seconds, and within an accuracy of +/- .9 degrees Fahrenheit.

The system also offers subscription-based remote management software to allow for email and text alerts. The technology is configurable to deny entry to any employee with an elevated temperature status, and can also be configured to allow/deny entry. Since this procedure of temperature checks will be new to most companies, HR professionals will need to put certain guidelines and policies in place. To assist them with the process, we have an HR Consultant available for guidance on policy and implementation procedures.

Features of our Thermal Camera Systems:

  • Tablet style display
  • Reads and displays temperature instantly with confirmation of pass/fail
  • Configurable temperature thresholds
  • Accurate within +/- .9 degrees
  • Optional face mask check
  • Commercial grade hardware
  • Ability to integrate with controlled access

The Result: Our Thermal Camera Systems are just one of the innovative health-based safety systems that help to comfort your employees and keep illness out of the office.


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