Bacteria Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Antimicrobial Door Hardware

You already know Alen for security and fire alarm solutions, among other core services, but did you know we also have expertise in Health-Based Safety and Security solutions? We are committed to helping companies feel safe and healthy, especially now with everyone being more health conscious, and more focused on cleaner offices.

IP Video Surveillance System Helps Secure a Local NJ Food Bank

The Challenge:  Local Food Bank Offices and Warehouse Robbed Twice The Solution: IP Video Surveillance System to protect both inside and outBelieve it or not, an important community benefactor, which has been helping its New Jersey community and surrounding areas for over 30 years with emergency food assistance, had been robbed several times. Each time the culprits … Continued

Thermal Camera Systems

As we all plan to return to work, we are helping many employers prepare their office environments to ensure their employees will feel safe and protected from inadvertently contracting coronavirus. Like the Food Distribution Company in Hamilton who wanted to put a process in place to perform a temperature check on incoming drivers. We recommended, and they installed, one of our Thermal Camera Systems to their continued satisfaction.

Wave Hello to “Contactless” Door Technology

When employees do return to work, their first stop will be the front door to the office. A new contactless door system will help to reassure them that they are about to enter a clean, safe and secure environment. The technology also works well for restrooms and certain doors that must be kept closed for compliance with the fire code.

Security Case Study: Access Control for Vehicle Dealership with Corporate, Sales, Service and Retail Departments

The Challenge: A local vehicle dealership and supply company needed access control to secure their brand-new multi-department facility. The Solution: Access Card Readers with Multi-Level Access Control protocols and a Video Intercom System. A large vehicle dealership and supply company wanted to secure their multi-department facility. The need was to restrict the flow of traffic … Continued