IP Video Surveillance System Helps Secure a Local NJ Food Bank

The Challenge:  Local Food Bank Offices and Warehouse Robbed Twice

The Solution: IP Video Surveillance System to protect both inside and out
Believe it or not, an important community benefactor, which has been helping its New Jersey community and surrounding areas for over 30 years with emergency food assistance, had been robbed several times. Each time the culprits gained entrance in different ways. Once it was through a bathroom wall, another time was through the basement, knowing there was no video surveillance system. While there, these thugs helped themselves to the contents of the safe and even food supplies for those in need. That’s when the the organization called on Alen Security. They tasked us with a way to catch these criminals in the act or deter them in the first place.

After a careful review of their facility and consultation and tour with their Managing Director, we devised a Security plan to secure their new facility. It was decided that they would maintain their current Security Alarm System and add an IP Video Surveillance System to complement that alarm system.

The IP Video Surveillance System included two 5MP Bullet cameras with IR to view the Front Entrances and Street. We also deployed 3MP Bullet cameras to patrol the Driveway, Side Warehouse Door, Rear Parking Lots and Loading Dock. Meanwhile, Alen Security installed 2MP Dome Cameras inside to protect the General Offices, Warehouse, Storage, Thrift Store, Food Distribution and Basement. The cameras would run to a 24 port; 9TB Video Appliance to record all of the activity. The new IP Video Surveillance System offers live viewing and playback with a feature-rich; user-friendly video management software application. Alen Security also installed a fiber network to keep the video off of their local network.

Remote access was also provided for viewing of the new cameras on their phones and tablets away from the office.

The Result: A happy customer with a way to deter any new break-ins and identify anyone foolish enough to attempt another robbery. 

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