The Top Methods for Warehouse Loss Prevention & Security

Warehouses are essential components of the supply chain, and they store a vast amount of valuable goods and materials. As such, it’s crucial to ensure their safety and security to prevent losses due to theft, damage, or other risks. It’s vital to have warehouse security systems in place. At Alen Security, we aim to meet … Continued

Access Control Systems Add Security and Convenience to Growing Company

The Challenge:   A growing national marketing and software company, soon to be expanding globally, needed something different with their access control systems. Systems that were hands-off and could maximize their ROI with automatic updates and provide relative ease of use when adding new team members to the systems was very important to them. It … Continued

Case Study: Access Control for Your Office Complex

The Challenge:  Replace an Aging Access Control System and Connect Four Office Buildings The Solution: Linear Emerge Access Control and Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges A commercial property manager needed to replace an aging access control system and various electronic locks that were not operational. The system worked some days and not others leaving tenants feeling unsafe. They also experienced intermittent … Continued

Wave Hello to “Contactless” Door Technology

When employees do return to work, their first stop will be the front door to the office. A new contactless door system will help to reassure them that they are about to enter a clean, safe and secure environment. The technology also works well for restrooms and certain doors that must be kept closed for compliance with the fire code.

Video Analytics and Access Control Restricts Access to YOUR Company’s Data and Servers

Challenge: Protecting valuable and sensitive data The Solution: Video Analytics and Access Control to monitor and restrict access combined with remote video monitoring 24/7/365 A prominent financial institution contacted us to protect a floor full of equipment and infrastructure vital to the organizations functioning. This included their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, servers, network connections, transfer switches … Continued

Security Case Study: Access Control for Vehicle Dealership with Corporate, Sales, Service and Retail Departments

The Challenge: A local vehicle dealership and supply company needed access control to secure their brand-new multi-department facility. The Solution: Access Card Readers with Multi-Level Access Control protocols and a Video Intercom System. A large vehicle dealership and supply company wanted to secure their multi-department facility. The need was to restrict the flow of traffic … Continued

Security Case Study: Access Control System Secures Building Exterior

The Challenge: A Global Property Management Company wanted to secure their building’s exterior with an Access Control System. The Solution: Access Card Readers and a Visitor Management System. A Global Property Management Company wanted to secure and control the flow of access into a large office building in one of America’s largest and most important cities. … Continued

Access Control Systems

There are many sensitive areas that a business must monitor and secure – retail floors, service areas, offices, stockrooms, loading docks and more. How do you stay on top of it all and makes sure that someone doesn’t go where they are not supposed to be? Let us design a Physical Access Control System to … Continued

Benefits of Access Control

Have you implemented access control at your company? If not, you should. Access control has many benefits over just a simple surveillance system. It gives you more control over access to specific areas. You can even restrict access on specific days and specific times. This adds another layer of security as it significantly reduces foot … Continued

Is Your Monitoring Solution Collecting the Right Data?

One of the great aspects of a monitoring solution with access control is its ability to collect and log all kinds of data. This makes it easy to integrate with time clocks and other employee tracking methods, but it’s important to know exactly what data you’re logging, what data you NEED to log, and be … Continued