Benefits of Access Control

Have you implemented access control at your company? If not, you should. Access control has many benefits over just a simple surveillance system. It gives you more control over access to specific areas. You can even restrict access on specific days and specific times. This adds another layer of security as it significantly reduces foot traffic. For example a pharmaceutical company can use access control to restrict access to areas where drugs and chemicals are stored. Companies that handle sensitive data can use access control to restrict access to file rooms that contain it, and it can also be used to protect expensive assets. Access control is also an excellent way to protect residents of dormitories and apartment buildings.

Access control is also economical and saves money compared to traditional keyed entries because when an employee leaves, is terminated, or misplaces their card you can simply remove that card from the system, thereby rendering it useless. If you had a keyed entry, you’d have to replace the locks or have them rekeyed, which is a real hassle. Alternately, if you hire a new employee you simply have to print a new card for them rather than getting new keys made. Simple, cost effective and secure!

We provide comprehensive access control systems for every size business. Our systems can be customize to fit your individual needs, easily integrate with your existing systems and are flexible so they can grow with you and accommodate future advances in technology.

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