What You Need to Know About Data Theft

As anyone who has been the victim of one of the recent data breaches that have hit major retailers like Target and Michaels know, data theft is a big deal. Sony Pictures found that out the hard way as did their video game division when they were hacked too. While most companies are concerned with hackers that come from the outside, they tend to forget that a lot of data theft comes from the inside, namely disgruntled employees. Your IT department probably does all it can do prevent this but your security system can help too. Video surveillance and access control can help you spot suspicious activity after hours or in areas where files and servers are kept. They can also alert you to network logons that happen when there shouldn’t be anyone online at that time. This can help you spot potential data theft. Your security solution should also include access control, which will allow you to lock down server rooms, file rooms, and anywhere else sensitive and/or confidential data is kept. This is especially crucial for medical facilities with collections of patient records who must comply with HIPAA laws.

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