Our IP video surveillance solutions are designed to maximize return on investment in terms of both security and business value. Let us design, install, and maintain a solution that addresses your specific needs and challenges.


The mere presence of video cameras acts as a deterrent to bad behavior, but the value of IP video surveillance runs far deeper. Video provides evidence of what really happened. It helps you improve business processes and workflows to maximize productivity and safety. It allows you to remotely monitor multiple locations to simplify facility management. Alen Security has the experience to help you take full advantage of your IP video surveillance system’s capabilities.


Alen Security will walk you through every stage of your IP video surveillance journey.

Our experience will ensure that your IP video surveillance system is easy to use and does exactly what you need it to do.

We only use technology that our engineers have evaluated and tested to ensure each product will work for you. Your system will be installed by our certified technicians, not subcontractors. We believe in being proactive, not reactive, with preventative maintenance that keeps you ahead of the game. And if service is needed, you can count on us to respond quickly and take action.



Priority one is the safety of your employees and the security of your facilities and assets. Whether you have a single office, multiple distribution centers, a pharmaceutical lab, or a K-12 school campus, we can develop an integrated solution that addresses your needs directly.


Video surveillance cameras have been proven to make people think twice about theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. Video can also motivate employees to follow proper procedures and prevent irresponsible or risky behavior. A visible video system can reduce the risk of loss, damage, and accidents.


How can you modify your work environment or procedures to reduce the risk of injury? What employee behaviors need to be addressed to increase safety? Are there any gaps in security that have been overlooked? IP video surveillance can help you answer these and other questions to create a safer work environment for employees, customers, patients, and visitors.


Access your IP video surveillance system and monitor video feeds from any location, at any time, on any device. Monitor multiple locations simultaneously and access stored video footage on demand.


Did someone accidentally bump a camera out of position? Did a power surge knock multiple cameras offline? No technology is immune to failure, technical issues, or human error. If service is needed, our technicians will come to your site and make sure your video surveillance system is working as it should.


Are you trying to find a certain person, vehicle, or object? Video analytics helps you to search for specific evidence so you can find out what really happened.



Video analytics is your most powerful tool for increasing accountability. This intelligent technology can automatically analyze video and identify specific types of activity and events. Video analytics is self-learning technology, which means it “learns” by observation and continuously adjusts to improve detection accuracy, resulting in fewer false alarms and more effective security.


Video analytics can be programmed to automatically detect and respond to certain conditions, times of day, and days of the week. Recording begins automatically, an alert is sent to your business, and the event is automatically logged for future reference. Triggers include:

  • Trip Wire: A person, object, or vehicle crossing a virtual line in the scene.
  • Direction of Travel: A person, object, or vehicle moving in a particular direction through the camera view.
  • Region of Interest: A person, object, or vehicle entering or leaving a virtual area in the camera’s view.
  • Loitering: A person, object, or vehicle remaining in the camera’s view for longer than a pre-determined period of time.

These capabilities can dramatically improve security and forensics capabilities for a wide range of high-value environments, including but not limited to:

  • Unmanned Structures such as Cell Towers, Utility Substations, and Data Centers: Unauthorized persons or vehicles approaching, climbing of fences, tampering, etc.
  • Construction Sites, Laboratories, Server Rooms, Storage Rooms, and Vaults: People or vehicles entering and leaving restricted areas, presence of people or vehicles after business hours, etc.
  • Building Rooftops: Vandalism or theft of rooftop equipment, attempted entry, etc.
  • Unoccupied/Vacant Building: Theft of copper, vandalism, vagrancy, etc.
  • Computer Labs, Cubicles, Server Farms: Equipment theft, data theft, unauthorized usage, abuse of internet privileges, unauthorized use of peripherals, etc.
  • Transportation/Logistics: Tampering with sealed trailers, unauthorized loading or unloading, vehicles in unauthorized areas, employee theft/shoplifting, etc.
  • Medical/Research Facilities: People present outside of regular operating hours, people present in restricted areas, unauthorized access of patient records or drug cabinets, vehicles entering or leaving after hours, theft, inventory control, etc.


  • Forensics: Video analytics makes it possible to quickly search for footage based on a wide range of criteria and quickly find out what really happened rather than watching hours of footage.
  • Modern Technology: We install and service Avigilon HD Dome and HD Bullet cameras with Adaptive Video Analytics.
  • Easy to Use: Our products work out of the box with no manual calibration, no licensing, and no additional servers required.
  • Broad Variety of Devices: Avigilon devices with self-learning video analytics include appliances and cameras with resolutions from 1 MP to 8K (30 MP) and two-way audio.
  • Pattern-Based Object Classification and Tracking: Technology is capable of recognizing people and vehicles while ignoring nuisance motion, or “noise.”
  • Teach-by-Example Technology: Users can provide feedback to the system about accuracy, which further enhances the pattern-based analytics database to continuously improve accuracy.
  • Integration with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Client and Mobile: Users can respond in real time from mobile devices, while analytics alarm notifications can be automatically sent to any authorized client based on configured rules.
  • Idle Scene Mode: Video is recorded at a different frame rate and quality when no motion is detected, which reduces bandwidth and storage.



How should staffing be adjusted to account for peak periods? Where are the bottlenecks in our processes and how can we alleviate them? One of the overlooked business benefits of IP video surveillance is the ability to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and productivity.



The value of IP video surveillance extends far beyond safety and security. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, companies are seeking to optimize every process, every movement, and every activity. Video enables you to review and evaluate every aspect of your operations around the clock to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Video is data. It’s not structured data that fits neatly into a database, but it’s data nonetheless. That means it can be stored, reviewed, and analyzed to produce insights that can be leveraged to improve how your business functions. An IP video surveillance system with video analytics can provide you with mountains of hard data to inform your decision-making process.

Distributed offices across a couple regions?
We’ve got you covered, see question #2 below


Yes, you can integrate various systems in your security solution, which adds value in several ways. For example, if a door alarm is activated and a camera is pointed at that door, you can program the system to automatically record for a defined period of time and then email footage to you. If you’re using the video surveillance app, integration allows you to lock or unlock a door without switching to a different platform. Suppose you had three security guards patrolling your facility. Would security be more effective if each guard worked independently, or if all three were able to communicate and share information? Integration is highly recommended whenever possible.
In the early days of video surveillance, cameras could only be managed, and footage could only be viewed by someone onsite. Modern IP video surveillance systems make remote management and monitoring possible through a mobile app and/or desktop software. You can connect with a live feed from any camera, view existing footage on demand, and set up credentials to restrict who can access the remote management system.
Yes. Modern, AI-equipped cameras have a variety of detection capabilities, such as people, facial recognition, vehicles, license plates, and specific types of objects. The more footage these cameras capture, the more accurate they become at detection. This can dramatically reduce the number of false alerts generated by traditional video motion detection. You can also use search capabilities to find specific footage instead of watching hours of video.
A cloud-based access control system allows you to remotely lock and unlock a door through a desktop or mobile app. Integration with IP video surveillance and access control systems allows you to lock and unlock doors through those apps as well.
Alen Security offers a variety of solutions from respected brands such as Avigilon, Eagle Eye, Honeywell, Brivo, and Bosch that have been tested and evaluated in-house by our team of security experts. We then recommend products and services based on your specific need, challenges, and objectives.
The solutions we use are compatible with many other systems. In this case, we can often take a phased approach to upgrading your security solution. However, if your security solution uses outdated, inferior, or unsupported technology, the only viable approach is to replace the entire system.

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