Video Analytics

Challenge: Protecting valuable and sensitive data

The Solution: Video Analytics and Access Control to monitor and restrict access combined with remote video monitoring 24/7/365

A prominent financial institution contacted us to protect a floor full of equipment and infrastructure vital to the organizations functioning. This included their Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, servers, network connections, transfer switches and generator. The client wanted to restrict access with an access control system while still allowing entry for approved personnel.

Alen Security designed a solution that provided them with continuous video analytics for video review and two-factor authentication access control to restrict access. We installed access card readers with keypads requiring both an access card and a special code for entry. Remote video monitoring is also used, so people could also be granted access, remotely, as required. Security professionals approve Personnel access in real time or in advance, as needed.

The video feed from the cameras with video analytics is pushed to monitors either in another part of the building or off-premises. Trained security professionals then view the live or recorded video footage either looking for anomalies or responding to alarms. Authorized users are also able to view the video remotely via their smartphones and/or tablets.

The Result: A more secure area of their facility allowing access to only those on an approved list.

Is YOUR facility filled with sensitive equipment and/or data? Alen Security can secure your facility with the most advanced technology available! Contact us today at 877-215-2536 (ALEN) or via email at to learn more about the state-of- the-art systems that we can customize to YOUR Company’s needs.


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