The Challenge: A Global Property Management Company wanted to secure their building’s exterior with an Access Control System.

The Solution: Access Card Readers and a Visitor Management System.

A Global Property Management Company wanted to secure and control the flow of access into a large office building in one of America’s largest and most important cities. This included all exterior doors on the Main level and building access from the Garage level. The company also requested that this Access Control System project be completed under a strict deadline and for it to be fully code-compliant.

Consequently, Alen Security installed a physical Access Control System with Access Card Readers on the Garage level to allow access to the Security Portals that permit only one person to enter the building at a time. In addition, Access Card Readers and electric locks were installed on all exterior doors on the Ground level and electric locks were installed throughout, thereby, controlling the flow of traffic into the building.

Finally, we installed an intercom system to control visitor access along with Easy Lobby, a Visitor Management software system. This system allows for:

  • A central database of visitors Email/text notifications of visitor arrival
  • The ability to create watch lists
  • Badging
  • An Archive of Photos
  • Scanning of ID Cards
  • Pre-Registration / Self-Registration
  • Integration with Access Control System
  • Analysis/Reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily available


The Result: The Access Control and Visitor Management systems controlled building access to the desired degree for a large urban office building and allowed for the documented tracking of visitors. Furthermore, the project was completed on-time and in code compliance.

Contact us today at 877-215-ALEN (2536) or email Andrew DeNardo at to see how we can simplify YOUR Access Control needs.

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