Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System Upgrade

The Challenge: The customer had an old analog video surveillance system and on-site guards which were ineffective and expensive to maintain.

The Solution: An Avigillon IP Video Surveillance System Solution with IP Cameras and a Network Video Recorder.  Therefore, providing them with improved security at a lower cost.

A multi-location trucking supply company was using an outdated analog video surveillance system to protect their site and equipment. They were also employing on-site guards to watch their premises.

Hence, they contacted us to upgrade their overall system. So, we installed an IP Video Surveillance System from Avigilon. The system included twelve (12) 3 Megapixel IP H3A Bullet HD cameras for the exterior and eight (8) 3-Megapixel H3A IP Day/Night HD Indoor Dome cameras for the interior. We also installed a 21TB Network Video Recorder (NVR) to record all of the action.

The new video surveillance system provided improved image quality, better monitoring of employee activity and better secured their grounds. This also gave them the ability to remotely access the data. So, to augment the new security system, we were able to add Video Analytics and Video Monitoring. With this ability, we instituted ‘rules’ and ‘triggers’ related to access and certain timeframes. This now allowed them to create alarms to alert them of any incidents. Interestingly, the first thing that they discovered with this new monitoring system was that their guards were not as actively engaged as they needed to be. Therefore, with the new system being monitored at a remote central location, they were able to eliminate their on-site guards. This allowed them to greatly reduce their costs.

The Result: A much MORE secure site and at a LOWER cost, saving the customer $75,000 per year per guard.

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