The Challenge:  As companies transition back to the in-office environment, employees and customers should feel safe, healthy, and protected.

The Solution:  Alen Security’s Health-Based Safety & Security solutions offer best-in-class innovative technologies for the new, “clean” office, including “contactless” automatic door openers that can be activated with just a wave of the hand or arm.

When employees do return to work, their first stop will be the front door to the office. A new contactless door system will help to reassure them that they are about to enter a clean, safe and secure environment. The technology also works well for restrooms and certain doors that must be kept closed for compliance with the fire code.

Alen Security’s contactless doors are very easy to use with motion-activated microwave sensors that use the wave of a hand, phone-based Bluetooth technology® or with the option of integrating into a card access system. There is no need to ever touch a doorknob or keypad again.

Our electromechanical automatic door openers are relatively quick to install, so we can get you up and running within a short timeframe. We will then follow up with annual visits for recommended calibration and maintenance.

An investment in health-based safety and security is truly an investment in your employees, your customers and the peace of mind it provides. We can work together to ensure they feel confident entering the businesses they love without having to worry.

The Result:  An environment that feels safe, healthy and adaptable to the ever-changing world so your employees and business can continue to thrive.

Contactless Automatic Door Openers from Alen Security are just one of our innovative health-based safety and security systems. Contact us TODAY at 877-215-2536 (ALEN) to learn more about how we can help your employees feel safe and healthy in the workplace.

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