warehouse-3Warehouses can be an endless maze of aisles, pallets and storage racks, meaning a comprehensive IP Video Solution is necessary in order to achieve complete surveillance. By mounting High-Definition Megapixel Cameras on IP networks, businesses can reduce initial installation costs and have more versatile camera placement, thereby greatly improving coverage of “blind spots” to effectively mitigate risks. Megapixel Cameras are increasingly being deployed in warehouses as they provide superior detail, greatly improving facial recognition ability.

Increased detail can mean that post-event analysis can be conducted with greater efficiency; enabling investigators to analyze and process data more accurately in the event of any criminal activity or prosecution. Police and security staff are then able to hone in on the relevant footage through electronic timestamps when searching archived data. As compared to dated analogue recordings, these are far faster to search and analyze.

Prohibiting access to the warehouse from unauthorized persons with access control such as biometrics (fingerprint or retina scanners), smartcards or passwords can be implemented to control their movement within the warehouse. Employee smartcards can even offer added benefits if integrated with employee time and attendance; providing additional analytics and cost savings to the business.

Cellular monitoring solutions with back up batteries provide 24/7 alerts of all Security System activity.

Alen Security offers the industry’s most complete selection of IP Video, Access Control and Security System solutions to provide the critical protection you demand for your facility, products and personnel.

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