The Challenge:  More than ever before employers, employees and customers are thinking about their health and wellbeing in the workplace and will expect the highest standards of health and cleanliness in their business environments.

The Solution:  Use the best innovative technologies, such as our antimicrobial door and security hardware that fights bacteria 24/7 to make your work environment safe and secure.

You already know Alen for security and fire alarm solutions, among other core services, but did you know we also have expertise in Health-Based Safety and Security solutions? We are committed to helping companies feel safe and healthy, especially now with everyone being more health conscious, and more focused on cleaner offices.

Antimicrobial Door and Security Hardware has a unique Ionic Silver (AG+) coating with a formulation that inhibits bacteria and mold on doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces. This hardware solution is well-equipped for a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, government, retail, education, corporate and foodservice. Our antimicrobial hardware is available in many different styles, functions and finishes to suit any workplace environment.

The Result:  An environment that feels safe, healthy and adaptable to the ever-changing world so your employees and businesses can continue to thrive.

Antimicrobial Door and Security Hardware from Alen Security is just one of our innovative health-based safety and security systems. Contact us TODAY at 877-215-2536 (ALEN) to learn more about how we can help your employees feel safe, secure and healthy in the workplace.

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